Free Beth Moore Books!

If you have a Kindle (or the Kindle app on a smartphone, PC, or other mobile device) you can grab these FREE Beth Moore books.
If  not only good reading these will aid in your understanding of the Scriptures and maybe you’ll want to use some of these for a ladies Bible Study or Christian Book Club.

To Live Is Christ
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When Godly People Do Ungodly Things
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Jesus the One and Only
A Heart Like His: Reflections on David Heart Like His: Reflections on David
Further Still
Praying God’s Word
Believing God Day by Day
Things Pondered

If the links don’t work- let me know and I’ll fix them as soon as I can. Please make sure that the price is still $0.00 on any of the titles before clicking to purchase. The price may change at any time and they won’t remain FREE forever.

Enjoy your reading!

There are several more free books listed on Amazon from Beth Moore:
Breaking Free
Praying God’s Word Day by Day
Breaking Free Day by Day
Feathers from My Nest

Here is the link to the Nook books- just be sure to look for FREE!

Many on the list were previously free- so just be sure to check!


Ring in the New Year with Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes

Yes, you heard me. Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Pancakes.

100_4450Better yet, the peanut butter and chocolate are STUFFED into the pancake.

Winter and cold weather is ultimate comfort food time, and to me, comfort food usually involves gorging myself on carbs. So this recipe is NOT for the diet friendly resolutions you might have made for January 1st. But, if it’s January 2nd and you’ve already given up, then read on, otherwise, pin it for later. 😉 I do intend on posting some healthified recipes though, this just isn’t one of them.

I love being inspired and getting a recipe right on the first try. It’s a magical feeling and I get to eat the reward rather than trash it (I’m a stickler for no food waste so I hate having to toss a batch of something because it didn’t work).

I had Double Chocolate Pancakes a few weeks ago at Bob Evans (basically chocolate chip pancakes served with chocolate syrup and a cup of table syrup). They were awesome, but definitely not worth running to a Bob Evans when the craving strikes and I was in a peanut buttery kind of mood too.

I searched the web for peanut butter cup pancakes and found a few options, but mostly just pictures. The Minimalist Baker (whom I’ve shared a recipe from before) has a delicious looking vegan and gluten-free option but I didn’t have access to those ingredients- but I do wish to try theirs someday! I was inspired by their Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes (<–click there for that recipe!) but I wanted to go a different route. And I didn’t have a lot of time, so I went for the short cut as well. Here goes:

1 small (5.1oz) container of Bisquick Shanke ‘n Pour Buttermilk Pancake Mix
2/3 cup plus 2 TBSP Water
3 tsp cocoa powder (I used dutch processed)
Squirt of agave (optional, but gives the pancake added sweetness to counteract the cocoa)
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips (divided)
2-4 TBSP Creamy Peanut Butter (divided) OR peanut butter chips
Oil for skillet
Chocolate Syrup, Butter, Maple Syrup, Powdered Sugar, Cocoa Powder, and/or Whipped Cream for topping (Optional)

1- Preheat your skillet to medium-high.
2- Open the Shake ‘n Pour, add cocoa powder. Replace lid and shake to combine.
3- Remove lid and add liquid ingredients (water and agave). Replace lid and shake to combine.
4- Add oil to your hot pan and let heat for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
5- Pour in some of the cocoa pancake mix. (I made large pancakes, but you can make sand dollar ones if you wish.)
6- While the first side cooks, dollop some peanut butter in the middle of the pancake. You can make several small dollops or melt the peanut butter in the microwave and pour some onto the pancake.
7- After the peanut butter is on, top with some of the mini chocolate chips (the 1/4 cup in the recipe is for all pancakes so it will depend on how many pancakes you want to make).
8- Top with a little more of the batter to cover the peanut butter (otherwise it will burn in the skillet).
9- When the first side is done (time depends on the size, but you’ll see bubbles forming around the edges and middle of the uncooked side of the pancake.) Flip and cook until the other side is done (Will be quicker than the first side, but time depends on the size for large ones it was about 5 minutes for the first side and 3 for the second- but mine were large AND thick).
10- Remove to a plate (or if making a large batch, place a cookie sheet covered with foil in the oven on low to keep warm until ready to serve).
11- Repeat with remaining batter. It made 2 and a half large ones for me (which was fine since it was just me) which is probably 8-10 of the smaller sand dollar size, again, depending on thickness).
12- Serve topped with your choice of toppings.

*some variations*
You can easily mix up the combinations per your tastes. Try any of the following, or create your own!
*Keep the buttermilk base, fill the middle with jelly and peanut butter for tasty pb&j cakes.
*Keep the buttermilk base, fill the middle with a few teaspoons of pie filling for a fruity cake.
*Keep the buttermilk base, fill the middle with dollops of cream cheese and a few teaspoons of pie filling for cheesecake pancakes.
*Keep the buttermilk base or use the cocoa added base and fill with any variety of chocolate chips (white, milk, semi-sweet) and create a double or triple chocolate cake.
*Add a few drops of red food coloring to the cocoa base and fill with dollops of cream cheese for a red velvet cake

Of course, you can add a variety of items to the pancake base, including (and not limited to!) chocolate chips, fruit, sprinkles, any food coloring to match the occasion.
I love the idea of having the filled pancakes but an old fashioned plain buttermilk pancake with butter and syrup can easily hit the spot too. But, if a plain pancake bores you, use your imagination or take some of my suggestions and create a more exciting combination. Particularly if there isn’t a fancy pancake themed restaurant nearby.

100_4445100_4449100_4452100_4455 100_4456 100_4458

Rice Krispie Trees and a Holiday Wish

I’ve been slacking off. But, everyone else is baking up goodies this time of year and I really don’t need to be eating more sweets. I’ve decided to take the time to reflect on the year and my goals. But, I will leave you with some pretty Rice Krispie Trees and pictures from a few Holiday treats before my official hiatus until after the New Year!

First, the Krispie Treat Trees!
100_4377100_4363They’re super easy!
You’ll need the basic krispie recipe:

10oz marshmallows
1 stick butter
6 cups crisp rice cereal

green food coloring
Miniature Reese’s Cups
Large Star Sprinkles
Frosting or candy melts

You’ll also need a funnel. The size depends on how tall you want your trees to be, but I chose a medium sized funnel with a medium spout because I found the medium spout actually created a better point on the trees.

100_4353 I wore gloves and sprayed the inside of the funnel with a little bit of cooking spray, just to be safe.100_4354 I gathered up some of the green krispie mixture and pushed it gently into the funnel making sure there was just a little bit at the spout100_4355 I formed a flat bottom and didn’t fill the funnel all the way because I didn’t want my trees that big, but it’s up to you if you want large and full trees, then fill to the edges!100_4356 Next, I emptied out the funnel by turning it upside down on parchment. The tree should fall right out.100_4357And there you have it! But, it’s far from being a decorated tree.100_4362 I sprinkled on some small round sprinkles while the trees were still warm. If they don’t stick well, spray the trees with a bit of melted butter or water. You don’t want to spray it with a lot, just enough to get the sprinkles to stick. If you stick them right away then you shouldn’t need anything to make them adhere.100_4375 I also used large star sprinkles for the tree topper. And, unwrapped a miniature Reese’s Cup and stuck it to the bottom (like a tree trunk) with a bit of buttercream. You can also use candy melts to get the cup to stick.100_4376 100_4379I didn’t choose to do so, but if you like working with candy melts (and I don’t) then you could even melt some in a piping bag with a very small tip and use it to ‘string’ lights (sprinkles?) or “tinsel” around the trees. Once you have the basic form of the tree, the decorations are completely up to you! You can even have the little ones decorate their own trees!

I leave you with some other festive ideas:

100_4374 A snowman cupcake. Use white buttercream, white sanding sugar, sprinkles and colored frostings to make happy snowman faces. I hand placed the sprinkle mouth, but got lazy with the nose and eyes (they should be black and orange, but I didn’t have time to make lots of different colored frostings, especially when I was only making two of these as a test!)100_4373 Since most of my cupcakes domed when baked, I took advantage of the peaking tops and frosted it like a ‘tree’. The krispie treats turned out more like trees than this cupcake did, but it was still festive and tasty.100_4412 Finally, my family ALWAYS makes these sugar cookies (recipe to follow in the new year!). 100_4416 100_4428100_4430 And we wrapped up the trees individually, added some of my mom’s fudge, my Reindeer Chow, and some freebies from Chik-Fil-A and100_4423Made some cute goody bags to hand out.


So- whatever you celebrate, have a happy and joyous time with friends and family!

I’m wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Two More Package Ideas for Treats

Pringles Can100_4249One of the cutest ideas floating around the web is to reuse Pringles cans for packaging cookies or treats. And I love that the cans come in varying sizes.

The ones pictured are the smaller “snack” size. I was able to fit several types of cookies in these and it was super easy to do!

You’ll need:
Pringles Can
Scrap paper/ wrapping paper
Cookies/snacks to fill the cans

I began by measuring out and cutting the size paper needed to fit the entire can.100_4288


The sheet I used was 8×11 but a 12×12 works just as well. The 8×11 can leave an empty space around the can depending on the way you wrap it. I wanted the design to fit horizontally, so it left a naked spot on the can that I covered using an accent color. 100_4289You’ll want to make sure that the paper is flush against the top rim of the can before you measure it and cut.100_4292Then you’ll glue the paper to the can 100_4295100_4296At this point you can add any customizations you want!
Add some ribbon or use crafting scissors to make a creative label or anything else you wish to add to the can. The best part of this package option is that the design can be purely up to you! Decorate it for the holiday, customize it for the friend getting the treats, whatever you want!

You can even cut a small ring of paper to cover the inside of the lid, but I personally love the way that it looked having my cookies visible. 100_4246100_4332 100_4333100_4245If you find that your cookies are bigger and won’t fit, you can do the same with an oatmeal container.

Spaghetti Sauce Jar
Another option is reusing a glass bottle or jar to package up snack mixes. I made some “puppy chow” into reindeer chow by adding some holiday M&Ms in peanut butter flavor. Decorated the jar with some ribbon and it was ready to go.

There are several cute printable labels that you can find online if you’d prefer to print up a label for the snacks.
100_4337 100_4340 100_4343

Be sure to check Pizzazzerie for super adorable Christmas printables. They come in aqua/pink or red/green and are absolutely free! Let them know I sent you!

For more ideas, please visit my pinboards:
Cute DIY Package Ideas and Free Printable Labels

Cute Package for a Single Cupcake

I promised packaging ideas that are perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Here’s the first!

100_3944You’ll need a few things that are cheap to come by:
9oz clear plastic tumbler- available in a 10pk at the Dollar Tree
Thin ribbon in any variety of colors (1/4″ thick was ideal for my tumblers)
Plastic Wrap
And, of course- a CUPCAKE!

100_4282I chose red and green ribbon to make it festive and glued the green onto the red since they were of different sizes (which I never noticed when I purchased them, but it still worked!). The green ribbon in this case was 1/8″ and the red was 1/4″. The bottom rim of the tumbler is 1/4″ so any ribbon in that size will do.

So, the next thing you want to do is glue the ribbon around the bottom rim of the tumbler. You could always use a craft glue or super glue- but I prefer working with Elmer’s white glue as it’s cheap and gets the job done. If I were more of a ‘professional’ crafter, I’d probably have chosen a different type of glue, but the Elmer’s is just fine.

100_4298 100_4302I taped the place where the ribbon meets just until the glue dried to hold the ribbon in place.

100_4305I added the ribbon to the top of the tumbler (that I later added the green on top of so it matched the bottom).  This is optional- but a nice decorative touch if you wish to add it.

100_3941This image is of a different variation that I made awhile ago. I just used thin blue ribbon around the base and left the top naked. I thought the blue accented the pink cupcake wrapper well (and if you’re super crafty, you can make your ribbons match!).

The next thing you’ll want to do is wrap your cup and cupcake tightly in plastic wrap. Then you can top it with more ribbon and a bow!
100_4309I did a traditional box wrap technique- gluing the strips of ribbon to the bottom of the tumbler100_4308and having them meet in the center of the top where you place a bow! (Yes- this is a cupcake-less version just designed to show you how to put it together!)

You can make the bow using the same ribbon used, as I did in both examples, or you can use any festive bow you wish. A thicker ribbon would look nice as well as the plastic puffy bow present toppers.

You can even add a cute gift tag wish holiday wishes (or just happy wishes if you’re packing the cupcake up for a birthday or other event). These could even make a cute way to package small treats or snack mixes as a take-home for party guests!

I’ll have other suggestions as the week goes on- but I hope this helps your creativity!




Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m a day late- and I apologize. But I’ve been working on some cookies and some great holiday ideas for your holiday goodies that I can’t wait to share!

But that also means that this coming week’s entry may be a bit late.

So I hope that you all have been enjoying your time with family and friends! Eat lots of food, but save room for dessert! Even better, eat dessert first!

And yes— it’s OKAY to eat pie for breakfast.