Sluttiest Brownies– Jo’s Delights Signature Brownie

I fully intend on giving credit where it is due, unfortunately, I can’t find the source for the “sluttier” brownies. If anyone knows or is that person, please leave a comment and I will absolutely amend this post to give the proper credit!

The “sluttier” brownies were the main inspiration for this baking adventure. Well, partly. Being a woman with monthly hormonal changes and cravings certainly didn’t hurt. So, maybe your excuse is hormonal, a pregnancy craving, or you just have an insatiable sweet tooth- any excuse you make is worth it for these brownies!

I’m not certain who came up with the “slutty” brownie variation- but I wish to thank him/her tremendously! A chocolate chip cookie base filled with and Oreo and topped with brownies? Yum! How can this combination be wrong?

So, when I saw the recipe for “Sluttier” Brownies, I knew it was another win. A Double Stuf Oreo and a peanut butter layer between the brownies and chocolate chip cookie? Yes, please!

I wanted to make it just a step better. Why not use a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of just the peanut butter?





I’m sure you can figure out how to make these on your own. I decided to remove the recipe because these have quickly become my signature brownie. They are what is most requested from folks and I can’t make money selling them if I give out my recipe. 😉 I hope you understand. But I have plenty of other recipes coming that I’m sure you’ll love.


One thought on “Sluttiest Brownies– Jo’s Delights Signature Brownie

  1. OMG!!!! These are amazing I used a brownie mix from and they turned out amazing usually we don’t like such a rich brownie but these are fabulous you have to try them make sheer to go try the mixes at dehydrated food storage site they turn out so fluffy, chewy, gooey, greatness.

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