Perhaps you’ve noticed that this week’s recipe wasn’t posted on Monday as I first promised. I had some treats to make for a client and didn’t get around to posting the recipe. It’s an easy one- and a timely one!

Monster Krispie Treats….
Yes- it starts out how you would imagine. 6 cups of Rice Krispie cereal, 10 oz of marshmallows, and half a stick of butter.

100_4062If you’re like me, you know this recipe by heart. There is ONE twist. 100_4061 Green food coloring. 🙂100_4063 you can make it as dark or as light as you’d like- I personally love the DARK green.

100_4064It takes a strong wrist to keep stirring until it’s mostly coated in the marshmallow mixture.100_4065And you need a greased baking pan (I used a 13x 9)

100_4066 Easy- right? Sure. Then you need to cut them into squares or rectangles (a 13 x9 yields about 30 monsters)100_4068

Clearly they are naked! So- melt some candy melts with a bit of veggie oil,

100_4069Dip in the very tops of your monsters100_4070100_4071100_4073 and let them harden!

Next, you’ll want to break pretzels or use pretzel sticks for arms, use white and black frosting (or candy melts) in a piping bag to pipe on eyes and a mouth.100_4076I varied the facial expressions. These monsters aren’t meant to be terrifying (unless you mean terrifyingly tasty!).100_4078 100_4079You can even have the kids help decorate these! I loved having the different size and shaped arms. They ARE monsters afterall. 🙂 They’re about as easy as you get- right? And who doesn’t love Rice Krispie treats?!






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