Sluttiest Brownies– Jo’s Delights Signature Brownie

I fully intend on giving credit where it is due, unfortunately, I can’t find the source for the “sluttier” brownies. If anyone knows or is that person, please leave a comment and I will absolutely amend this post to give the proper credit!

The “sluttier” brownies were the main inspiration for this baking adventure. Well, partly. Being a woman with monthly hormonal changes and cravings certainly didn’t hurt. So, maybe your excuse is hormonal, a pregnancy craving, or you just have an insatiable sweet tooth- any excuse you make is worth it for these brownies!

I’m not certain who came up with the “slutty” brownie variation- but I wish to thank him/her tremendously! A chocolate chip cookie base filled with and Oreo and topped with brownies? Yum! How can this combination be wrong?

So, when I saw the recipe for “Sluttier” Brownies, I knew it was another win. A Double Stuf Oreo and a peanut butter layer between the brownies and chocolate chip cookie? Yes, please!

I wanted to make it just a step better. Why not use a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of just the peanut butter?





I’m sure you can figure out how to make these on your own. I decided to remove the recipe because these have quickly become my signature brownie. They are what is most requested from folks and I can’t make money selling them if I give out my recipe. 😉 I hope you understand. But I have plenty of other recipes coming that I’m sure you’ll love.