Two More Package Ideas for Treats

Pringles Can100_4249One of the cutest ideas floating around the web is to reuse Pringles cans for packaging cookies or treats. And I love that the cans come in varying sizes.

The ones pictured are the smaller “snack” size. I was able to fit several types of cookies in these and it was super easy to do!

You’ll need:
Pringles Can
Scrap paper/ wrapping paper
Cookies/snacks to fill the cans

I began by measuring out and cutting the size paper needed to fit the entire can.100_4288


The sheet I used was 8×11 but a 12×12 works just as well. The 8×11 can leave an empty space around the can depending on the way you wrap it. I wanted the design to fit horizontally, so it left a naked spot on the can that I covered using an accent color. 100_4289You’ll want to make sure that the paper is flush against the top rim of the can before you measure it and cut.100_4292Then you’ll glue the paper to the can 100_4295100_4296At this point you can add any customizations you want!
Add some ribbon or use crafting scissors to make a creative label or anything else you wish to add to the can. The best part of this package option is that the design can be purely up to you! Decorate it for the holiday, customize it for the friend getting the treats, whatever you want!

You can even cut a small ring of paper to cover the inside of the lid, but I personally love the way that it looked having my cookies visible. 100_4246100_4332 100_4333100_4245If you find that your cookies are bigger and won’t fit, you can do the same with an oatmeal container.

Spaghetti Sauce Jar
Another option is reusing a glass bottle or jar to package up snack mixes. I made some “puppy chow” into reindeer chow by adding some holiday M&Ms in peanut butter flavor. Decorated the jar with some ribbon and it was ready to go.

There are several cute printable labels that you can find online if you’d prefer to print up a label for the snacks.
100_4337 100_4340 100_4343

Be sure to check Pizzazzerie for super adorable Christmas printables. They come in aqua/pink or red/green and are absolutely free! Let them know I sent you!

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