Rice Krispie Trees and a Holiday Wish

I’ve been slacking off. But, everyone else is baking up goodies this time of year and I really don’t need to be eating more sweets. I’ve decided to take the time to reflect on the year and my goals. But, I will leave you with some pretty Rice Krispie Trees and pictures from a few Holiday treats before my official hiatus until after the New Year!

First, the Krispie Treat Trees!
100_4377100_4363They’re super easy!
You’ll need the basic krispie recipe:

10oz marshmallows
1 stick butter
6 cups crisp rice cereal

green food coloring
Miniature Reese’s Cups
Large Star Sprinkles
Frosting or candy melts

You’ll also need a funnel. The size depends on how tall you want your trees to be, but I chose a medium sized funnel with a medium spout because I found the medium spout actually created a better point on the trees.

100_4353 I wore gloves and sprayed the inside of the funnel with a little bit of cooking spray, just to be safe.100_4354 I gathered up some of the green krispie mixture and pushed it gently into the funnel making sure there was just a little bit at the spout100_4355 I formed a flat bottom and didn’t fill the funnel all the way because I didn’t want my trees that big, but it’s up to you if you want large and full trees, then fill to the edges!100_4356 Next, I emptied out the funnel by turning it upside down on parchment. The tree should fall right out.100_4357And there you have it! But, it’s far from being a decorated tree.100_4362 I sprinkled on some small round sprinkles while the trees were still warm. If they don’t stick well, spray the trees with a bit of melted butter or water. You don’t want to spray it with a lot, just enough to get the sprinkles to stick. If you stick them right away then you shouldn’t need anything to make them adhere.100_4375 I also used large star sprinkles for the tree topper. And, unwrapped a miniature Reese’s Cup and stuck it to the bottom (like a tree trunk) with a bit of buttercream. You can also use candy melts to get the cup to stick.100_4376 100_4379I didn’t choose to do so, but if you like working with candy melts (and I don’t) then you could even melt some in a piping bag with a very small tip and use it to ‘string’ lights (sprinkles?) or “tinsel” around the trees. Once you have the basic form of the tree, the decorations are completely up to you! You can even have the little ones decorate their own trees!

I leave you with some other festive ideas:

100_4374 A snowman cupcake. Use white buttercream, white sanding sugar, sprinkles and colored frostings to make happy snowman faces. I hand placed the sprinkle mouth, but got lazy with the nose and eyes (they should be black and orange, but I didn’t have time to make lots of different colored frostings, especially when I was only making two of these as a test!)100_4373 Since most of my cupcakes domed when baked, I took advantage of the peaking tops and frosted it like a ‘tree’. The krispie treats turned out more like trees than this cupcake did, but it was still festive and tasty.100_4412 Finally, my family ALWAYS makes these sugar cookies (recipe to follow in the new year!). 100_4416 100_4428100_4430 And we wrapped up the trees individually, added some of my mom’s fudge, my Reindeer Chow, and some freebies from Chik-Fil-A and100_4423Made some cute goody bags to hand out.


So- whatever you celebrate, have a happy and joyous time with friends and family!

I’m wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Perhaps you’ve noticed that this week’s recipe wasn’t posted on Monday as I first promised. I had some treats to make for a client and didn’t get around to posting the recipe. It’s an easy one- and a timely one!

Monster Krispie Treats….
Yes- it starts out how you would imagine. 6 cups of Rice Krispie cereal, 10 oz of marshmallows, and half a stick of butter.

100_4062If you’re like me, you know this recipe by heart. There is ONE twist. 100_4061 Green food coloring. 🙂100_4063 you can make it as dark or as light as you’d like- I personally love the DARK green.

100_4064It takes a strong wrist to keep stirring until it’s mostly coated in the marshmallow mixture.100_4065And you need a greased baking pan (I used a 13x 9)

100_4066 Easy- right? Sure. Then you need to cut them into squares or rectangles (a 13 x9 yields about 30 monsters)100_4068

Clearly they are naked! So- melt some candy melts with a bit of veggie oil,

100_4069Dip in the very tops of your monsters100_4070100_4071100_4073 and let them harden!

Next, you’ll want to break pretzels or use pretzel sticks for arms, use white and black frosting (or candy melts) in a piping bag to pipe on eyes and a mouth.100_4076I varied the facial expressions. These monsters aren’t meant to be terrifying (unless you mean terrifyingly tasty!).100_4078 100_4079You can even have the kids help decorate these! I loved having the different size and shaped arms. They ARE monsters afterall. 🙂 They’re about as easy as you get- right? And who doesn’t love Rice Krispie treats?!