Cute Package for a Single Cupcake

I promised packaging ideas that are perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Here’s the first!

100_3944You’ll need a few things that are cheap to come by:
9oz clear plastic tumbler- available in a 10pk at the Dollar Tree
Thin ribbon in any variety of colors (1/4″ thick was ideal for my tumblers)
Plastic Wrap
And, of course- a CUPCAKE!

100_4282I chose red and green ribbon to make it festive and glued the green onto the red since they were of different sizes (which I never noticed when I purchased them, but it still worked!). The green ribbon in this case was 1/8″ and the red was 1/4″. The bottom rim of the tumbler is 1/4″ so any ribbon in that size will do.

So, the next thing you want to do is glue the ribbon around the bottom rim of the tumbler. You could always use a craft glue or super glue- but I prefer working with Elmer’s white glue as it’s cheap and gets the job done. If I were more of a ‘professional’ crafter, I’d probably have chosen a different type of glue, but the Elmer’s is just fine.

100_4298 100_4302I taped the place where the ribbon meets just until the glue dried to hold the ribbon in place.

100_4305I added the ribbon to the top of the tumbler (that I later added the green on top of so it matched the bottom).  This is optional- but a nice decorative touch if you wish to add it.

100_3941This image is of a different variation that I made awhile ago. I just used thin blue ribbon around the base and left the top naked. I thought the blue accented the pink cupcake wrapper well (and if you’re super crafty, you can make your ribbons match!).

The next thing you’ll want to do is wrap your cup and cupcake tightly in plastic wrap. Then you can top it with more ribbon and a bow!
100_4309I did a traditional box wrap technique- gluing the strips of ribbon to the bottom of the tumbler100_4308and having them meet in the center of the top where you place a bow! (Yes- this is a cupcake-less version just designed to show you how to put it together!)

You can make the bow using the same ribbon used, as I did in both examples, or you can use any festive bow you wish. A thicker ribbon would look nice as well as the plastic puffy bow present toppers.

You can even add a cute gift tag wish holiday wishes (or just happy wishes if you’re packing the cupcake up for a birthday or other event). These could even make a cute way to package small treats or snack mixes as a take-home for party guests!

I’ll have other suggestions as the week goes on- but I hope this helps your creativity!